Crazy dog lovers need to be disciplined

Crazy dog lovers need to be disciplined
Look at the picture accompanying the story. A woman can be seen striking me and really hard across my face and head, making me take a few hasty steps back to safe guard myself. This is my home which has been in my family for generations and she is a tenant who is a foreigner who has come to purportedly build bridges with the Indian public.

So I was walking into the gate after a morning in college and I saw the Ground Floor tenant 002- dogs urinating now on the front lawns. They have killed the back lawns already with urinating there for well over a year that the grass is all gone and the brown soil is all that is left. Very sad because the lawns were so thick and green that the maali, Suresh used to snip it to keep it down with a sacateurs. Now the spaces where the lush green lawns grew are just dead and brown and bare.

Nothing one could do inspite of the maali replanting the grass. Her dogs urinating and jumping all over with their sharp claws have hit the nail of death into the lawns. The tenant refuses to leash the dogs even though the rules prohibit her walking them loose. Looking up on the net I am horrified by what I read. The effects of dog urine on your lawn are similar that of a nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer. A small amount of fertilizer makes your yard healthy, but too much will kill your lawn. To prevent burns, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with your grass.

At first you may notice some spots on your lawn looking especially green as the nitrogen acts as a fertilizer for your grass, but as it accumulates you'll start to notice the dog waste is actually killing it. This “urine burn” effect is from the nitrogen found in your pet's waste.

After killing both back lawns she had begun bringing the animals to the front lawn. A large brown patch had begun there when I told the security to tell her to stop. She had killed off the back lawns, kindly leave the front lawns alone.

That infuriated the Malaysian woman who is married to a diplomat, and who lives in the Ground Floor and she came screaming at me as I was leaving to go to the bank. I will do as I please here, don’t you go near my dogs she said walking as one can see in the picture infront of the entrance gate. I told her very calmly that the lawns were taking a beating and dying because of her dogs and the other animals put together and to please stop.

While I was speaking to her one of her dogs who is never on a leash, which over a year we have been begging her to leash -- sidled up to me from the side. Taking no chances I swung out in self defence to intimidate the animal from trying anything. I am a chronic diabetic and any wound takes months to heal. Before I knew what was happening she hit me twice -- once on my fore --hand and once on the side of my head and face. Forehand shot in picture.

Both the security and the painters working in the building rushed up and held her back while I held my head in pain and was winded and disoriented. I then left the building as I really had never experienced something like this in my life. Why did you not retaliate said many of my friends? I needed to think. Hitting her back was not a solution and so why stoop to her level I thought.

I walked to the bank, as that was my original chore which I had set out to do and then began calling up all my students who are in strong positions in various media houses. All were ready to run a story provided I filed a police complaint. How dare she hit you, even as a diplomat’s wife she cannot raise her hand. I said she would have really hammered me if the security had not held her back. File the case, go and do it right away. Hope you are not too shaken?

I went to the cop station with my husband and by then he had received over 30 calls from all the media houses. Maam be careful they are trying to use their clout and trying to say you started it said one of my contacts. The inspector is being threatened by his boss. But if you want to stand your ground we are behind you said all the media houses. I had been beaten up in my own home by a woman who did not want to follow rules.

The news editor of a well known paper called me, just as the police inspector was saying to me he could not see her hitting me, in the video. It was clear as day that she hit me not once but twice before the staff intervened. When I heard him say that,we knew they were trying to play it down to avoid making it a cognisable offence. I let the News Editor of a big paper speak to the inspector and I heard him let the guy have it saying don’t try your tricks, we will expose you. I have seen the video and clearly she assaulted Madam who was saving herself from the dog.

Very obviously the police inspector was told to play down the incident but he was scared ‘cause he knew the newspapers and the TV were gunning for a story and I was ready to expose them. I had suffered enough with their bullying in my country and in my house. The dogs were just encouraged to run everywhere, especially minus a leash in the building for more than a year and there were no rules for them. I had asked, her to follow the rules of the building where dogs had to be leashed but she did not and refused to do it and my reason is I am diabetic and scared of being hurt.

However the inspector was forced to change the Non cognisable to cognisable by them using the immunity plea. Now I have a case to handle and I am quite sure in their home country, they would not have dared to behave like this. All those in the building now suddenly are leashing their dogs including the woman. Why do we need a case for some people to see the light?

Fine you need to have dogs as your kids or pets, but understand not everyone can tolerate that. Being diabetic I am terrified of even a scratch from them. Community living insists you leash them and so do the rules of the building. Not all take kindly to the animals yapping around you. Yes I grew up with dogs but was never fond of them in the house and in such close proximity.

The copies of the case full of lies was sent to my college and book club, but they have understood who is behind the maligning as the name and phone number are on the packets sent around the city.

It has taken ONE year to clear and quash the criminal case. But I was the wronged party, this was my home and with a strong and tough young lawyer suggested by my Principal he quashed the fake and frivolous case which was foisted on me. Oh its not the consulate, they are fighting it on a personal level I was told by another woman working with the consulate and living in the building.

Dont let her off scott-free after how she has harassed you, advised a senior police official. A cognisable offence was issued on her after all the evidence was viewed by the senior police officers. Now let her face what she did to me.

Like my friends said -- karma will get her and karma has. At last I feel I am vindicated and cleared of her viciousness. Amazing that she turned the tables on me, amazing that she could harass me in my own country and in my own home.

But I am not one to give up and I fought for truth and justice. No one is above the law. Least of all a consulate whose main aim is to build bridges in the city they are in.

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